About Sifu Thomas

Sifu Thomas’s History:

Sifu Thomas began training in 1983 in Choi Lai Fut, Kung Fu with Sifu Frank Primicias. He received his 3rd degree Black Sash. While still training with Sifu Frank Primicias in 1994, he began training with Sifu Steve Martin in southern dragon, mok gar, lok hop ba fa, and six harmony 8 method boxing until 1996. In 2003 he began training with Master Chan Yong Fa in Chan Family Choy Lee Fut, via Sifu Barry Hale. Sifu Thomas has done private security, bounced in bars, fought San Shou, He was in Inside Kung Fu twice, and was also in a Video game for Playstation 3, and X Box called ”Dead To Rights Retribution.” He now teaches seminars in Montreal, Vancouver, Chicago and Fresno schools, and heads the Chan Family Choy Lee Fut school in San Diego with the title of International Master.

Sifu’s Philosophy:

Kung Fu translates to the practice and mastery of any skill in the development of oneself, not necessarily martial.  Kung Fu has been an amazing journey for me. It is a way of life.  It changes the way one approaches most things.  It has given me a deep strength and understanding in the helping of others.  I have found that in its first primary stage it helps One to focus in the building of the ”jiang” or essence, for the body & good physical health. Next is Self Discipline through pushing the body past its limitations, thereby bringing One’s mind, or ”Yee” to a higher stasis of consciousness. This process also allows One to begin to dig deep into the understanding of ”Chi” or energy within themselves.  Next is the preparation for building ”Shen” or spirit. This can be achieved through proper preparation of the prior two to help in the quieting of One’s mind for CHI KUNG, and Meditation. These three directives proprietize a greater awareness of One’s natural surroundings and others.

I’ve enjoyed Training with Master Chan Yong Fa as it has brought me to a deeper level of understanding of the intricacies and principals.  My Dai Si Hing Sergio Arione has been a true inspiration of brotherhood, family and chivalry.  I would also like to give proper due to Sifu Barry Hale and Sifu Jose Fernandez.  I have also been fortunate to have such great teachers as Sifu Frank Primicias and Sifu Steve Martin.  I believe that kung fu is an extremely viable tool in the building of strong family, an integral moral code, and a Body-Mind-Spirit connection. These principals of life inspire me to teach and pass on to the next generation what was once a ‘soon to be lost art’. Each generation we lose a definitive amount of knowledge of these teachings. It’s up to us to pass on these ancient ways.


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Image3Sifu Barry Hale, Chan Kit Fong,
Ng Fu Hang wife, Sifu Thomas,
Ng Fu Hang Si Bak Gong

Image2Sifu Frank Primicias (Sifu Thomas’s first teacher), Sifu Thomas Fuhr

Master Chan Yong Fa, Sifu Frank Primicias, Sifu Gaspar Garcia
Image4 Sifu Thomas Fuhr, Sifu Barry Hale